Tromont construction

Tromont construction

Tromont is a company specializing in the design and execution of all types of construction works. The main activities are building construction and the execution of electrical, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing works.


As the largest MEP contractor and one of the largest construction companies, we design and build the largest and most complex buildings of various uses on a "turnkey" basis. In addition to shopping centres, tourism, commercial, sports and power generating facilities, we are particularly proud of our rich experience in the construction of technologically complex health and scientific facilities, such as hospitals, laboratories and production plants.

Tromont is a unique company in the construction industry in terms of the range of activities it offers independently. In addition to the building construction,  fit-out and the execution of all assembly and installation works, we also install ventilation components and electrical cabinets from our own production lines. In addition, Tromont is licensed by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out security systems service activities, which makes us an ideal partner for contracting the entirety of construction projects in terms of legal requirements.

In its 27 years of existence, our company has executed over 200 construction projects, including the largest realised 
projects in Croatia. This is testified by impressive figures such as more than 2 million square meters of the total area of completed structures and 5,500 realised hotel rooms. Our continued success and the satisfaction of our customers are largely due to our experienced installers and technicians under the direction and supervision of 40 engineers, 16 of whom are certified construction managers.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering

Construction, reconstruction and conversion of buildings, including engineering services and execution of all types of construction and craft works.

Electrical installations

Electrical installations

We design and execute all types of electrical installation works and  security systems works, and we manufacture low and medium voltage cabinets.

Mechanical installatios

Mechanical installatios

We design and execute all HVAC, mechanical and plumbing installation works as well as sprinkler systems.

Civil engineering:

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Reconstruction, conversion and refurbishment of existing buildings
  • Civil works
  • Craft works
  • Design

Electrical installations:

  • Design and execution of all types of electrical installations
  • Design and manufacture of low and medium voltage cabinets
  • Design and implementation of all types of data transmission networks
  • Assembly of low and medium voltage switchgear blocks
  • Assembly of measuring and control devices and instruments
  • Testing and measurement of structured cabling and issuing accompanying documentation
  • Design and implementation of all types of security systems

Mechanical installations:

  • Design and assembly of all types of cooling stations and boiler rooms with related equipment
  • Assembly of gas installations
  • Assembly of heating installations
  • Assembly of ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and automation equipment
  • Manufacture and assembly of ventilation ducts and assembly of sound and thermal insulation
  • Medical gas systems installation
  • Maintenance and repair of existing installations and facilities
  • Assembly of technological cooling and cold storage facilities and equipment
  • Design and assembly of water supply and sewage systems in buildings and infrastructure
  • Drinking water and waste water treatment
  • Irrigation and artificial rainwater systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Installation of sanitary equipment
  • Swimming pool technology


Works on refurbishing and equipping all premises within the HR-ZOO project (Croatian Science and Education Cloud)
27. 5. 2022.
Other buildings and structures
Works on refurbishing and equipping all premises within the HR-ZOO project (Croatian Science and Education Cloud)

Completion of works on refurbishing and equipping the HR-ZOO premises in five locations in Croatia.

Shopping centre STOP SHOP, Kaštel Sućurac
12. 5. 2022.
Shopping centres
Shopping centre STOP SHOP, Kaštel Sućurac

Grand opening of the newly built shopping centre STOP SHOP in Kaštel Sućurac.

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