Why Tromont?

Employment benefits

Tromont is a company that works on the largest construction projects in the region and is therefore among the first to learn about and apply the latest technologies and trends in the fields of construction, electrical, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing installations and related equipment. By working in a multidisciplinary company like Tromont, you will gain new skills and knowledge in your respective field and gather valuable experience through working closely with designers, engineers, installers and technicians from all areas of the construction industry.

Tromont offers the stability of a large company but also the freedom to make impactful decisions, organize your work independently, and advance your professional career. We continuously invest in further training and education of our employees through professional seminars, lectures and mentoring. The company offers to fund professional exams, professional development programs, as well as training and mentorship for Master craftsman’s exam.

Tromont recognizes and rewards the potential and commitment of its employees. Through dedicated work and knowledge acquisition in an excellent working environment, you will have the opportunity to advance from entry-level to the highest management positions.


We have recognized that our employees are the cornerstone of our business. With this in mind, we offer them the opportunity and incentive to realize their full potential by creating a working environment in which all employees have the freedom to contribute creative ideas, strive for new challenges and further develop their knowledge and experience. We have created an optimal environment within the company to encourage learning, training, and professional development. We are aware of the contribution of diverse, young, and well-educated employees to the company’s growth and will continue to keep them our priority.