Head of the Production department

Ivan Burazin

I joined the Tromont team already as a student. I am particularly pleased that I have successfully developed here, both personally and professionally. I look forward with great interest and joy to the challenges ahead that will allow me to further develop my skills and knowledge.

Commercial manager

Ivan Dodoja

Considering my previous experience in the service sector and my desire for further development and new challenges, I can say with certainty that I have not only developed professionally at Tromont but also found the right place for me. I am convinced that we have a bright future ahead of us.

Head of the quality department

Ante Dropuljić

My first job at Tromont was as a bid estimator, but thanks to my dedication and work, I was quickly promoted to the position of Head of the quality department, which I have been holding for several years now. I have learned a lot during this period, and the stimulating working atmosphere encourages me to become even better.


Josipa Ajdučić

My workplace in Tromont is as a welder, an apparently "man's" job that a woman can actually do just as well, if not even better. This job suits me very well, as I have been here for three years. While working with my colleagues, I learn something new every day and try to do my job as well as possible.

Commercial manager deputy

Renata Trogrlić

I am particularly proud that my work at Tromont allows me to grow in all areas and that my work and commitment are recognized and valued here. What motivates me in this company are the people and the desire to move forward and develop together.

Head of the production floor

Mili Trogrlić

I have been with Tromont practically since the company was founded, so you can say that I have grown with the company over time. I feel like a part of the company and consider every day a new challenge. I particularly like the dynamic work pace and the opportunity for further improvement.