Published 27. 5. 2022.
Category Other buildings and structures
Works on refurbishing and equipping all premises within the HR-ZOO project (Croatian Science and Education Cloud)

Completion of works on refurbishing and equipping the HR-ZOO premises in five locations in Croatia. Within the scope of the project all premises of HR-ZOO, located at the university campuses in Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Zagreb, along with the University Computing Centre (SRCE) in Zagreb were refurbished and equipped, thus providing 2.680 m2 of adequate space for the accommodation of computer, storage and network resources. The aforementioned represents a network of five modern, academic data centres that are a prerequisite for the development of the national e-infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia and the local infrastructure for research, development and innovation at universities.

Within the project, TROMONT performed all construction, craftsmen and installation works, namely:

  • construction and craftsmen works
  • landscaping and asphalting works
  • water supply and wastewater disposal works, mechanical installation systems and electrical installations
  • air conditioning systems, total cooling power with InRow units 1.35 MW,
  • transformer substation installations (2 x 2000 kVA)
  • uninterruptible power supply system UPS 3 x 100 kVA, 2 x 160 kVA, 1 x 750 kVA
  • back-up power supply DEA 3 x 220 kVA, 1 x 1250 kVA
  • electricity distribution systems and equipment
  • a total of 95 server cabinets with equipment, organised in 6 zones
  • security and environmental monitoring systems
  • fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems (automatic gas extinguishing system)
  • access control, anti-theft system and video surveillance
  • datacentre infrastructure management software (CSNI) (central and local applications)
  • connecting the components of the infrastructure systems of the HR-ZOO premises to the CSNI system (EEN, HVAC, fire alarm, video surveillance, access control, etc.).